MOTION: Keeping Pace with Digital Video Behavior

Today, there are a number of ways consumers can access their preferred video entertainment.

Whether it's full-length motion pictures, current and vintage television programming, sporting events, breaking news updates, amateur or homemade video clips, music videos and/or a host of other video entertainment choices. From traditional video viewership on the living room TV, box office movie-attendance, portable video devices, to emerging digital offerings online via the home PC, the landscape for acquiring and viewing video content is broadening.

In addition, a wide range of consumer-friendly technology products are coming on the market that are changing the way consumers access, manage, and enjoy video content whether on the go or at home. In this rapidly changing environment where converging digital technology is facilitating dynamic and unforeseen usage and acquisition behaviors, strategic business decisions need to be based on consumer insights–primary consumer data that measures and tracks how behaviors are growing and evolving.

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